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Marine-themed beads,
charms and bracelets

Reminders of a great vacation
on your guest’s wrists

Every glance at the beautiful bracelets will serve as a reminder that it's time to come back to your resort!

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Our products

Charms, beads and bracelets

More than 50 designs of marine beads and charms

The abundance of designs will let your guests unleash their creativity and make unique bracelets, while their curiosity and lust for novelty will have them regularly coming back for more charms.

Customized beads and charms

Customized charms, developed by the team of our designers specifically for your resort will increase brand recognition and loyalty.

We will guide you through the process from the conception of the idea, through the sketches and CAD visualizations, all the way to samples' manufacturing and eventual mass production.

Great passive promotion of the brand of your resort!

Privileged inventory assistance program

For orders of $5000+
The charms unsold after 6 months
can be exchanged for NEW ones free of charge!

Never worry about unsold items again!

5 reasons to work with us

  • 1
    The widest range of marine-themed charms on the market

    7SEAS product line consists of more than 50 different marine-themed beads and charms!

  • 2
    More and more unique designs

    A dedicated team of designers creates a new charm every other month to keep your guests interested.

  • 3
    Customized charms and beads design and production

    We are capable of creating customized charms and beads specifically to meet the requirements of your resort. If you add the branded charm of your resort to the default bracelet setup, your guests will broadcast their preference to the world!

  • 4
    High production capacity, capable of meeting any demand

    Cooperation with several major jewelry factories makes us very flexible

  • 5
    Reliable company, duly incorporated according to the laws of the UK

    Trustworthy firm that always fulfills its obligations and routinely surpasses the expectations

About 7SEAS

We are a group of sea and jewelry lovers, aiming to create enough beads and charms to truly represent the abundant biodiversity of the tropical coral reefs as well as stark and reserved beauty of the moderate seas.

We are divers and designers, snorkelers and jewelers, marine biologists and marketers, determined to give your guests a beautiful and long-lasting reminder of the wonderful time they spent at your resort, right on their wrists.

We strive to create innovative charms and beads to surprise your guests and to impress them with the diversity of the marine life!

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